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for chocolate

At Exquisitem, we are small, flexible, precise and daring. We produce high-quality chocolates, chocolate-coated sweets and turrón and we are committed to continually perfecting and researching new, evocative combinations made with exquisite chocolate to adapt to current trends and meet the most demanding expectations.

We invite you to discover our passion for chocolate.

Excellence and innovation: Exquisitem’s challenges

We want our customers to be satisfied. That’s why at Exquisitem we are careful about the origin and quality of the raw materials we use to make our products while we require full health guarantees from our suppliers. In the process of making chocolates, chocolate-coated sweets and turrón we do not use trans or hydrogenated fats or azo colorants.

All the products we make at Exquisitem are fresh: that’s why we always use refrigerated transport for them.

Exquisite chocolate

There are many things that make Exquisitem chocolates, chocolate-coated sweets and turrón different, but there are three exceptional factors that make them unique: the evocative chocolate they are made from; the experience and passion with which Exquisitem professionals make them, and the emotions they arouse on the palate when tasting them.

Truffle chocolates

A real impulse for all tastes. 160 units/box. 1.5-1.8 kg approx.

Double layer chocolate

Exceptionally delicate inside and out. 160 units/box. 1.5-1.8 kg approx.

Praline chocolates

Flavours and textures that arouse emotions. 160 units/box. 1.5-1.8 kg approx.

Nut chocolates

Evocative combinations suitable for all palates. 160 units/box. 1.5-1.8 kg approx.

Chocolates for special days

A chocolate for every day, because every day is special. 160 units/combined box. 1.5-1.8 kg approx. We personalise chocolates.

Chocolate assortments

Wide variety of chocolates: pralines, truffles, nuts, liqueurs, cocktails, etc. Boxes of 160 units over five trays, each of a different flavour. 1.5-1.8 kg approx.

Chocolate-coated sweets

Exquisitem’s real divertissements. 1 kg bags in 4 kg boxes.

Birthday candles

To surprise the birthday boy or girl with chocolate on a very special day. Boxes of 12 units. Diameter: 6 cm.

Chocolate bars

Wide variety of bars of dark or milk chocolate from a specified origin, with or without sugar. 12-15 units/box.


Wide variety of bars of turrón (similar to nougat) of different formats, with or without sugar.

Turrón assortments

For trying three or six kinds of delicatessen turrón at the same time. Boxes of three or six mini-turrón units. Approx. 210 or 420 g/box.

Confit sticks

Real sensations and contrasts of chocolate combined with orange or lemon. 1 kg boxes.


Discover and enjoy Exquisitem chocolates, chocolate-covered sweets and turrón.

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